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What is SPC ? : Spc meaning (Super Power Community ) is a Bangladeshi income site.This is a very famous online earning website inside Bangladesh. And it is very easy to make money on this web site.It is enough to have a smartphone in your hand. Smart phones are now in everyone’s hands.So download the Spc apps from the Google Play Store and start making a living.

Only Bangladeshi from any country in the world can earn money by viewing ads by Spc apps on their smartphones. This is the best site for retirees, students, housewives, unemployed youth. You can open multiple accounts on this site,with a phone number and a Gmail address.


But I don’t know if any other site has such an opportunity.This is an invested site. You can open an ID with Tk.1200 . If you have a credit of at least Tk.500 / – in your account, then you can withdraw money by bangladesh mobail wallet like bKash, cash.rocket etc.You can even take payment through bank but for Tk.10,000+ balance.

Sponsor Bonus

If you refer someone to your sponsor to become a member of spc, you can get a sponsor bonus of Tk.400.By creating unlimited referral platforms, you can further increase your revenue.

Generation Bonus

At spc you will get many bonus benefits, one of the Generation Bonus bonuses. Tk.100  from the first generation. From the second generation you will get a bonus of Tk.50 and from the 3rd to the 20th generation you will get a bonus of Tk.10 

Royal Member Bonus


If you have 3 members in the first generation and 9 members in the second generation on your downline, you will get the Royal Member Bonus.Tk.10-100 per day.

SPC Star Bonus

Another special benefit that spc offers to the company is the Star Bonus.This bonus is limited to 1 * – 7*. You can easily fulfill your dreams with the benefit of this bonus. But to get the benefits of this bonus, you have to spend a lot of time, labor in this company.And you need to have faith and love for the company.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Let’s find out how many members you have on your downline so you can get these benefits.


1. One Star

300 members on your downline (A100 + B100 + C100)

Bonus: India Biman Travel, Tk. 10,000 per month, income share 17.50%


2. Two Star

1200 members on your downline (A600 + B600 + C600)

Bonus: Nepal Air Tour, 15% profit share


3. Three Star

3000 members on your down line (A100 + B1000 + C1000)

Bonus: Thailand Air Tour, profit share 12.50%


4. Four Star

9000 members on your downline (A3000 + B3000 + C3000)

Bonus: Malaysia Airlines Travel, 10% profit Share


5. Five Star

15,000 members on your downline (A5000 + B50000 = C5000)

Bonus: Computer iPad (One Lakh), Profit Share 7.50%


6. Six Star

30,000 members on your downline (A10,000 + B10,000 + C10,000)

Bonus: Bike (Tk. 250,000), 5% profit share


7. Seven Star

45,000 members on your down line (A15000 E + B 15000 + C 15000)

Bonus: Car (Tk. 2500000), profit share 2.50%

Finally: SPC is currently a very popular earning website in Bangladesh. The company currently has 2.2 million members. It is possible to fulfill your dreams from here. However, hard work and a lot of time is required.

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