How to create a website for Google AdSense

Create a website  for  adsense- The highest earning platform from Google Adsense is blog website.You can create a website for adsense for free on will also get Google AdSense approval but you will not be able to earn well.To earn good you need to buy blogger premium theme, custom domain, hosting for your site.

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Create Google AdSense Friendly Websites

Premium Theme  The less time your site takes to open, the faster it will rank in Google. And if you rank in Google, your income will increase. So there is no alternative to premium themes.

Custom Domain – The domain is the name of your site. The shorter your site name, the faster it will rank in Google. Example –

Domain: free)

Custom Domain: buy)

Hosting – Hosting is required to store all your website files and keep your site online 24 hours a day.

How to get premium themes, custom domains, hosting?

You can easily purchase online with Debit/Credit Card/Bit Coin/Other. My suggest is to buy premium theme, custom domain, hosting for one year, it will save a lot of money.After the expiry of one year, you can renew it again. Theme, Domain, Hosting Provider Website-


Website customization

The core of a web site is the website design. Let’s discuss how to design a site.

Creating a free website from and you need to buy is Premium Blogger Theme, Custom Domain and Hosting for your site.Then setup these on your site. And connect your site to google search Console, Google Analytics, Google News.It will be easy to monitor your site.If necessary, you can take the help of YouTube tutorial.


Then click on the Settings tab of your site and complete the settings from Basic to General. Here is an image below 100 kb for custom favicon.You can take help of  to create images.And generate meta tags and sitemap for your site. Meta Tags & Sitemap Generate Websites Like –,,

Now by clicking on the Layout tab, you can customize your site to your heart’s content. Remove your unnecessary JavaScript gadgets .If necessary, you can click on the add gadget and take it again. Remember that extra widgets can affect the loading time of your site. And you can take help of for your site logo.Do SEO and publish 2/3 posts before customizing your site.Then it will be easy to customize your site.

And create 5 pages for your site. If your site does not have these 5 pages, it is never possible to get Google Adsense approval. 5 pages – 

  • About us
  • Contact Us
  • Dmca
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy policy

These 5 pages are a must have on your site, because visitors need them to learn about you and your site and interact with you. You can create pages from Google Docs.adsense similar websites

Online SEO and Offline SEO

It is very important. Your site must do SEO, otherwise your site won’t rank in Google and can’t expect good income from it. Two types of SEO 1. Online SEO 2. Offline SEO.

Online SEO

This is the internal setup of your website. Many bloggers especially new bloggers make this mistake.They write and publish posts without SEO. What happens is that the post is not easily indexed, but does not rank in Google. The result is less organic visitors and less income. Many people don’t realize that instead of giving importance to online SEO, they give importance to offline SEO.

Offline SEO means – sharing the link of a site on various social sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) etc. and through back links on various web sites. By relying on this key, visitors can be brought to the site. But if visitors don’t find anything helpful on your site.Then the chances of second time visiting your site will be very less.

Seo content writing

For any website to rank in Google, the importance of good quality unique content (written by you) is immense. If your site doesn’t have good quality content that is helpful to the visitors, then both the visitors and income to your site may be low. Which is not desired by any blogger. So you must write content with SEO in mind. Let’s go to how to write SEO content –

1.Before writing a post, you need to do a keyword research related to your website.example – Online Income, Tech, News etc.Start by researching low competition keywords.and copy keywords.and paste into your notepad.then save these. And use researched keywords within the post. However, one post should not use more than 10-12 keywords.keyword Research Website google ads on my website

2. First manually search Google for the topic you want to write content on.In this way you will easily get a better idea about the search keywords of the visitors.


3. Then make the meta description attractive to the visitors. And the main keyword of the topic must be kept in the meta description. Importantly, your visitors get a brief idea of what your post is about by looking at the meta description.


4. Write something unique in 2/3 line paragraph with your research related topic. And use 6/12 headlines or sub-headlines.

5. Then put the main keyword of your post at the beginning of the writing. And try to discuss in detail about the main keyword. If necessary, write 2/3 lines by paragraph.


6. When you finish writing your post, use a subheadline as the last word. At the end of the sentence, restate the main points of your post


Seo image

It is very important to use post related images in your posts.The question in your mind may be how much size image to use? I would recommend using image size 1200X680.Then your site will get Google WebStorage approval very fast.


Keep one thing in mind, the less KB the image of the post, the better. Otherwise it may affect the loading of your site. Now the question may be where to get the copyright image and how to edit the image? Websites that help you are Photoshop, Canva, Image Resizer etc.

After downloading the image, place the mouse over the image and click the right mouse button.Then click on Propertise and click on Details.Now use your post title in the title.Give 5 * rating. And use researched keywords in tags. After uploading the image to your post, click on Settings. And use the main keyword in your post title in Alt text.


Publish the post

Many bloggers publish good content written posts but do not get many visitors.But the life of the website is the visitor.Without visitors it is not possible to generate good amount of income from the website.So to get more visitors to your website, all you need to do before publishing a post is –


Each post should be written with 1000+ words for Google ranking and more income.At the end of writing the post, use 3/4 of the main tags related to your post in the label.


In the link you select custom permalink, then write the main title of your post like this. Examples of๐Ÿ‘‰ how-to-make-money-online.If you want to show any of your other posts below this post.Then you have to go to the settings of your website and turn on the Title and Enclosure links  at the bottom.Then paste the link of the post you want to see another post below the title link. And paste the link of the post you want to show below in the enclosure link.


Select the targeted country to display your post.Suppose your post is Bengali then select Bangladesh,if Hindi select India and if English select Europe/America country.

Search Description

This is very important.Here, paste your post related search volume high keywords.Then your visitors will find your post very easily.


Best time to publish.

Many people make mistakes in post publishing. This mistake affects post google index, visitors, google ranking and income. So maintain some tips and tricks in post publish.You publish post daily/every other day between 7-8 am USA time.

If you want, you can set the post publish time. You just set the date and time manually.Then your post will be published automatically at the time you set.


Post index

Currently the main problem of bloggers is – Post not getting indexed. No matter how good quality posts you write. If your post is not indexed, your visitors will not be able to visit your post organically. Google will not rank your post without organic visitors.


 Don’t worry your post will be indexed within 2/3 hours of publishing, if you follow the new update of Google, write the post. This post of mine is written following the new update of Google. So you can follow this post .I hope your post gets indexed.


 Post index problem

If your post is not easily indexed, then copy the link of your post and click on Google Search console and paste the copied link in the Search area. Then click ‘Request Indexing’ and wait.a few second And finally click on ‘Got It’.


Check the post index

You type in the google search box -site:your website url( now check. In this way you will know how many posts have been indexed.And apply for google adsense when showing 28+ results.monetize your website with google adsense


Apply for Google AdSense

If your website has enough content (25/30 posts of 1000+ words) and traffic (1000+ visitors per day), you can apply for Google AdSense. It is better not to apply for Google AdSense when your site has no Post Idex pending. Because there is a possibility of rejection. Google AdSense is one of the best programs that allows website owners to earn money by displaying ads on their website.get paid for ads on your website

Remember, building a successful website for AdSense takes time and effort. Create high quality content (content must be written with SEO) and you focus on traffic to your site, then earnings will come with time.

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