Google adsense: How to make money with google adsense?

google adsense

Google AdSense: Google adsense is a very popular advertising program that allows website owners to earn money by displaying relevant ads on their website. Here are some steps based on my experience to make money with Google Adsense.put google ads on my website Let’s get started

Google Adsense

It is a Google service. To know more about this service, you need to know about another Google service – Google AdWords. Google, through the AdWords service, takes money on a contract to advertise various websites or organizations.

Then through  google adsense advertising service, ads of paid websites or organizations are displayed on various websites. Accordingly, Google pays 68% of the revenue (earned from paid websites or organizations) to website owners. And Google keeps 32% of the remaining revenue as service operating expenses.

Earn from Google Adsense

You must have already known about Google Adsense service. Currently almost 99% of blog website owners earn from Google Adsense. You can be one of them. You can advertise various websites or organizations through Google Adsense, Display ads on your website. If your visitor clicks on an ad, Google will reward you. And this way you can easily earn thousands of dollars a month.

Apply for Google Adsense

Most bloggers have only one goal, to earn through Google Adsense. But the sad thing is that many of us cannot achieve our goals due to lack of proper guidelines. Because many of us make mistakes in applying for Google Adsense. The result is a rejection letter that no blogger wants. Today we will know how to apply for Adsense in the right way.sites like google adsense

First log in to Google (Gmail used to create the website). Type Adsense in the Google search box. Then click on this link and you will see the “Start” icon. You have to select Gmail by clicking on that icon. Then an interface will open.


Now copy and paste your website link on the website. And by clicking on Yes, select your country. After reading their terms and condition and click I have read and accept the agree.Then click on the ‘Start Using Adsense’ button.

Now you have to provide your personal information by clicking on information. But the information you provide here should be as per your NID.Otherwise payment timing may be a problem.Your personal information:-


Account type: Individual/ Business

Name:Your Full Name 

Adress 1 : Village/ Road No/House No+ Post office

Adress 2: Upazila+ District

City: District

Post code/Zip code: Check Your NID for Post Code

Phone No: Your Active Phone No


Now you have to click submit.Then click on the ‘site’button on the left side, copy and paste your website’s URL ( in the ‘add site’Then click Save and Continue


After that the AdSense code should be placed on your site. All you have to do for that is, copy the below code but don’t close the page. Then go to your site’s dashboard and first click on Themes and then on Edit HTML. Here you have to paste the copied code after the head.


But the head can be difficult to find for beginners. One way you can easily find the head is –


If you press (Control + F) from your PC keyboard after clicking on Edit HTML, you will see a search box. If you type head in that box and press enter, you will see the coloring head tag. After finding the head tag, paste the copied code with a space. And click on the save button at the top right. Exit here if show the update is successful. And go to adsense coding page and click on request review button.


Then click on Set Up Ads and apply to site by turning on Auto Ads. Select Apply Now and click Save.Then keep clicking on the right arrow icon. Then click ‘Get Started’. You can get (Approval/Reject) mail from Google Adsense within 1 to 14 days.


After AdSense is approved


After getting the green signal from Google Adsense. It is important to set some settings on your site otherwise your site may be disabled. So you have to go to the dashboard on your site and click on the ‘Earning icon’, then you can see a new icon ‘View Earning’.


When you click on ‘View Earning’ your Earning dashboard will open. Now click on the ‘Fix Now’ icon and you will see the download button. When you click on the download button, a file will be downloaded. Open the file and copy the code. Now click on settings tab on your site and scroll down to see monetization tab. If monetization is off, turn it on. Then click on Custom Ads and paste the copied code and save it.


Ad placement


Auto Ads will be automatically activated on your site after Adsense is approved. And they will show ads exactly where they need to be shown on your site. Another advantage of auto ad is that it does not affect the loading of your site. But manually placing ad code will affect the loading which means your site will be ads alternative


To manually insert ad code, go to your site’s dashboard and click on Ads.Then you click By Ad Unit > Display Ads.Then set Ad Size Responsive and click on Create.Then copy the ad codes and click on the done button.Then you click on the layout of your site, before blog, after blog, sidebar, before post, inner post. etc. Place the ad codes.


To place the ad code, you need to use Advertisements tab in your site layout. Many themes may not have an advertisement tab. There is no reason to worry. You can add the HTML/Java Script tab by clicking on the Add  a Gadget. You click on the pencil icon and paste the ads code below the content. And at the top turn on Show This Widget and click on the Save button. In this way you can place ad code google ads on my website


Some guidelines


1. Your site should have no more than 3/4 of the ad code on the home page and no more than 2/3 of the ad code in the post. For placing additional ad code, your site’s loading speed may decrease, and it may lose rankings.


2. You will not visit your site without any work. Because Google also pays for impressions. So your visit will be counted. be careful


3. You will not click any ads on your site. Don’t even push anyone to click. No matter how clever you are, Google will catch your trick. And your site will be closed permanently.So be careful.

4. If your site gets invalid clicks then the CTR(Click through rate) will increase. And if the CTR goes above 10, Google will ban your site without notice. So you occasionally click on ‘view earning’ on your site and check the CTR Position.


Monitor your earning

You can easily monitor your earnings and ad performance using the AdSense dashboard. Click on ‘View Earning’ on your site to access the AdSense dashboard.

Overall, making money with Google AdSense requires time, hard work, patience and commitment to create high-quality content and drive traffic to your website.
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