How to make money from freelancing and outsourcing

freelancing and outsourcing


 Freelancing and Outsourcing: Although these two may look the same to many people, especially newbies, they are two completely different things.There are several differences between them.There is confusion among many people about freelancing and outsourcing. So in the beginning let’s discuss these two issues –


If you can earn from work sitting at home or office, that is outsourcing. Many times it may be that the person giving you the job – you do not have any direct contact with him. He gives you work from a foreign country, and he gives you dollars in exchange for you doing his work. And the money you get in exchange for doing work from outside, that is basically outsourcing.outsouce process


Freelancing means independent profession. It means you are working independently. Example – You are a freelance graphic designer, earning from various designs.Someone has contracted you to design something for their organization like -banner, logo, ID card, QR code etc. how do i start freelancing. (design create)
Now you may or may not do it again.No one is forcing you or you are not under any kind of contract with him. And you are not working anywhere. As a result, whether or not you take up outsourcing freelance work is entirely up to you. And this ability to work independently is called freelance.

Why do you need a freelancer?

We definitely know about full time and part time jobs. There is no need to say anything new. Basically there are several jobs in any company or organization. And they need people for some temporary period. And in this case they can get their work done in less time and at less rate. And for such work basically freelancers are needed. These jobs usually last for hours, weeks, months or even years. It can also be canceled at any time if desired.freelancer outsourcing company

More Reasons to Need a Freelancer

There are many other reasons.example – The rates of these jobs are very high in the western world. So companies tend to lean towards Asia. Because here they can do their jobs at low rates. Moreover, these jobs hire people who are more expert in a particular job. Such as web designer, graphic designer, data entry expert, programming expert etc.freelance outsourcing jobs

Who can be a freelancer?

To become a freelancer you must know the work. You can never be a successful freelancer without knowing the work.If someone gives you money, it is for work,isn’t it? And you will be paid only if you can do the work properly.who is the highest paid freelancer

What is the job of a freelancer?

There are many types of jobs in the internet like designing, programming, writing, data entry, marketing etc.To become a freelancer, you only need to learn any job and create a good position in that job. And in that work,you have to develop yourself as an expert. Surely you know that exporters are in high demand everywhere.freelancer outsourcing company

Where to learn freelancing?

There are many ways to learn freelancing (free + paid).Individual or institutional,websites, YouTube tutorials etc. According to me youtube tutorials are enough for beginners. In this case, I would suggest that you learn the work that you are interested in.You can see success very quickly.

Which job is for you?

There are all kinds of freelance outsourcing jobs  to choose from. If you want to sell products, you can learn e-commerce website management.If you have interest in design then you can study civil engineering. And if you want to work with videos and music, you need to learn video editing. And if you are more interested in taking photos, you can learn photo editing.
Focus yourself on learning the work that you are interested in. There are many people who make the wrong choice of topics. Once it’s once the other – ultimately you can’t learn anything properly. So I will say that whatever you learn, you will learn it perfectly. Only then this work will guide you to success and not otherwise. If the post is helpful, please share it with others
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