4 Top ways to make money from your website: $100+ a day

make money from website

 Make money from blog website:Today’s topic is income from web site or blog site.There is a lot of confusion about websites or blogs,especially among newbies.First let’s discuss the difference between a website or a blog site.

Blog website?

A blog is a type of website. Where articles are written and posted on various topics. It is an online journal for public use. And updated here frequently. Blogs are usually a product or service of resources. Like my blog website – (bestnetearn.com) here I regularly publish and update posts.blogging websites


It is a type of site.where usually no writeing and post are published.for example facebook,twitter,youtube Creating a website is not as easy as creating a blog site. It is not possible for any person to make it.To create a website you need to know several web languages.For example – PHP, XML, HML and more about website design.Hope there will be no more confusion about website and blog website.

Now whether you are building website or blog website it is possible to earn from both.Let’s move forward

There are many methods to earn from website or blog website. But I will try to discuss the best 4 methods among them.make money from website ideas.Please stay with me.

 Advertising Revenue

Good traffic is needed for income from advertising. Now the question may be what is traffic again? Traffic is visitors or people who will visit your site. If your site has good visitors eg 1000+ per day.(check visitors)Then you can earn good amount of money by displaying ads of other companies on your site.website speed test


Often when we visit some website, we see advertisements of various products in different places of that website such as header, sitebar, footer and in post.You can also earn by displaying such ads on your website.You will be paid a fixed price to display their ad on your site.how do you make money from a blog website

Where do you find these company ads?

If you get good visitors to your website, then you can apply for Google Adsense. Because Google Adsense is the best. Getting Google Adsense approval is very difficult.Once approved your income will continue for life, if you work as per their terms and conditions.Google Adsense is a very big topic which cannot be discussed in this post. Will be discussed in the next post.

How to earn without Google Adsense?

There are many other advertising companies besides Google Adsense.But for me  a-ads company is quite good.if you have 500+ visitors daily on your site you can earn good amount. Anyone can earn money by displaying ads on this ads company’s site.You will find many YouTube video tutorials on how to display this company’s ads on your website.

Sell ​​any of your own products

If your website has a good rank position in Google. Meaning become popular and have good traffic (1000+ visitors per day).Then you can get good sales by advertising any of your products on your site. Your products – your own creations or purchases, ebooks, images, apps, etc sell your own product

Affiliate Marketing

As many people know about affiliate marketing, it is much like a salesman. Here you have to sell products of different companies. In order to sell products, you need to provide attractive product descriptions on your website. And if the company has provided any kind of offer it should be mentioned specifically.


Basically you have to sell other companies products through you anyway.Then you will be paid commission from the sold chariots.You must have knowledge about digital marketing for success in this method.

Email Collection

Many people know about this, especially those who are freelancing. Let’s discuss the email collection method more simply. We often download any books, songs, videos, apps, images, etc. from the net. But some websites ask you to provide email address to download them.If you provide your email address then lets you download.


Email address is required for this purpose, your email address is stored by the website authority. For example, 1000 email addresses were submitted to the website authorities.Now the website authority will sell these emails to email marketers.email sell

Why do email marketers buy email?

Active email address list is needed for email marketing.This is why email marketers buy email addresses.You can also collect emails like this and sell them to email-marketers.There are other ways you can collect email. Visit this post to learn A to Z about email collection and sells

These methods depend on your website traffic or visitors. None of these methods will work if you don’t have any visitors to your site. Because no one will pay to advertise on a site that has no visitors.So your website will become a source of income only when your site becomes popular. But bringing your site to this level requires a lot of hard work and patience.

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