Dollar buy and sell. How to start this business .

Dollar buy and sell


Dollar buy and sell : Today I will try to discuss a digital business. Hope you stay with me till the end. Let’s start – and that profitable business is dollar buy and sell. Many have heard the name of dollar. However, the name Dollar is a very well-known name for those who are freelancers. Because a freelancer needs the highest dollar buy and sell. For example, purchasing a domain, boosting Facebook page, investing in forex trading, using the tools of a website and taking the income (dollars) from these sites in your own currency, there are many other reasons to buy and sell dollers.


Dollar is the currency name of a country like this Bangladesh – Taka, India – Rupee, Canada – Dollar, United Arab Emirates – Dirham, United States – Dollar etc. However, the United States dollar is the most widely used currency in the world. Depending on the type, the rate of the United States dollar is higher or lower. Such as PayPal Dollar, Skill Dollar, Coinbase Dollar, Payoneer Dollar, Perfect Dollar etc. Suppose you have $10 paypal dollars, now you sell paypal $10 dollars but skill not get $10 dollars. Because the rate of Skill Dollar is a bit higher. It is natural that the rate of the dollar that is used more will be a little higher

Dollar buy and sell

It is basically a currency exchange business. That is, you sell one country’s currency and buy another country’s currency. To put it more simply – suppose you have $100 which you bought from a freelancer for 8,000 (in Bangladeshi currency).Now sold to another freelancer for 8500 taka.So now your profit is 8500-8000= 500 taka.dollar buy and sell rate


Or, buy 90 euros with 100 dollars you have. Then when the price of the Euro rises, you sell 90 Euros for $110, now your profit is $10. I hope I was able to understand.

Why do this business?

Nowadays this business is very popular and profitable. Because now unemployed or low-income people and even housewives are leaning towards freelancing at 5G speed.To that end, dollar transactions are increasing at a massive rate.Those of us who invest in a site or get paid or earn freelancing dollar buy and sell.We are looking for trusted online money transfer medium to buy and sell dollars. So, if you do not do any kind of fraudulent activity, you lend and pay with trust. Then your success in this business is guaranteed.

How to start this business?

The first thing that is required for this business is a large amount of capital and everything else that is needed

  • Phone number
  • Email id
  • The Web Site
  • Facebook page
  • whatsup account
  • Custom domain name
  • Hosting
  • Dollar Buy-Sell Blogger Theme
  • NID/Passport.
  • Bank statement

How to open account?

You will first create a website at Then you need to buy .com domain name for your site from hostinger,namecheapgo daddy any other site and hosting to keep your site online all the time. Download dollar buy and sell Blogger Theme from Online. And the theme needs to be uploaded to your site. And click on layout on your site to customize it. You will find many YouTube tutorials on this topic online.


Then Paypal, Skill, Neteller, Coinbase, Payoneer, Perfect Money etc. dollar wallet account should be created. And the accounts must be verified finally. Please do not initiate any transaction without fully verifying your accounts. A link on how to verify your account

Be careful about that

Now some unscrupulous people have started a novel policy.They use reverse option to withdraw the sold dollars back to their account.That means their dollars are theirs, but your pockets are empty. And thus they are grabbing thousands of dollars. The real and what is the immune system of its creator is still limited to my unknown. But you can do this by putting a sign up option on your site. And make it mandatory to verify them on your site by phone, email, NID/passport before transacting.

Finally, I will say that even though there is some risk in this business, the profit point is high. To be successful in this business you need to promote on various social sites and ask people who have interacted with your site to leave a good review. If you like the post, don’t forget to share it with others. Be nice to everyone.

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