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Revenue sharing

 Revenue sharing : Today’s topics are revenue sharing. Good reviews have a lot of value in the online world. Good reviews help a site to gain trust very quickly. And with that the site gets ranking fast.which is a plus point for a website admin.If we notice that almost all websites have a review box. And we provide good and bad reviews there. But we do not get any compensation for providing reviews.
Today I will try to share how you can earn by revenue sharing. Let’s discuss in details-
There are several websites that are affiliated with major affiliate marketing sites. And they have various programs on the internet. And these sites engage a large number of Internet users with their revenue sharing program.

 Now if you join these sites

Then share their site revenue with you. Like say hubpage site this site is connected with e-commerce or google adsense fund revenue sharing
So if you join this site and share good revenue too.Then they will share the revenue they get from Amazon to you.The widely used and well-known sites for earning revenue by sharing are .revenue sharing contract
All it takes to become a member of these sites.
  •   valid email id
  •   phone no.
  •   Online Wallet (PayPal, Payza)

How to open an account on the site?

 Copy the link address of any of the sites I mentioned and paste it in the Google search box.Then, when the site is open, fill the form by clicking on any button Sign Up, Join, Registration, Free Join.
 In the form, usually your first name + last name or full name, phone number, date of birth, email address, password, confim password, PayPal, Payza address in the payment section (it is better to say that PayPal, Payza address is the email with which you opened these accounts That mail address) you fill all the information correctly.revenue sharing agreement
Then fill the human verification or captcha if any, I’m not a robot, click verify, go etc button. And click on Sign Up, Join, Registration, Free Join by ticking the Terms and Policy Agreement box.
Then they will send code or link to your phone number or mail. You can also verify your account by copying the code and pasting it in the verification box of their site, click on the submit button./ By clicking on the link in your mail.partner revenue share

How to Share Revenue?

After you complete the site’s registration process. Enter the site and click on Sign in/Log in button. Then a new interface will open in front of you. Now all you have to do is enter your username, phone number, email address as recommended in the box.Then enter the password revenue sharing model
Sometimes another box may ask for captcha entry to be filled. Captcha can contain any English words, numbers, images etc. Your task is to click on the picture if there is a picture and if there is a word or number write it in the box and click on log in / sign in / enter button to open your account.
 Now on clicking on your dashboard you can see revenue sharing box like write a new article, make your first post, add new ,new post  etc. In the box you write unique article do not copy paste someone else’s article. If necessary, you can check the article writing style online. After writing click on Post, Submit, Publish button. If your article is nominated as a contributor, a share of the revenue earned by your article will be credited to your accountrevenue sharing clause

 After all, there is a lot of value in good quality revenue sharing note online. You can easily earn good amount by sharing your articles on these sites. I have tried to discuss in this post in a very open manner to improve understanding. Be good to everyone 

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