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email marketing

Email marketing: Before knowing what email marketing is, let’s know what is email? Email (Electronic Mail) more simply means – a method of exchanging information instantly from one system to another system with the help of the Internet is usually called email.Most of us know that initially, the use of email was limited to the same computer. But it changed over time and took this form today. Now we know what the email icon (mail box) looks like. Anyway, now we’re going back to email mailing lists

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most profitable ways to advertise your products to consumers in the easiest, cheapest and fastest way possible. It is the most popular method in the advertising world. Through this, you can easily reach thousands of potential customers with just one click. But it doesn’t matter what you’re marketing examples

 Why do you do email marketing?

If we want, we can read mail in office, home and even while traveling. So you can easily send the message to your customers. Let’s visit some statistics automated email campaigns
    1. 0.59% of product sales through social media. And 4.24% of product sales through email marketing
     2. Email marketing can be 40% more profitable for new customers than social media.
     3. 17% of people prefer ads on social media and 72% of people prefer ads on email           
     4. Email campaigns get 6 times more ad clicks than Twitter campaigns 
     5. Return of Investment 41% (per $1) 
Another survey (conducted by Adestra) found that 85% of companies are optimistic that they will soon become fully dependent on email marketing. And 89% of marketers think that email marketing is the primary way for businesses to get customers. And 76% of customers make purchases based on information received from email marketing. And 97% of businesses in the western world get customers from email marketing. By now you must have understood why email marketing is so marketing for insurance agents
Now, if you want to pursue a career in digital marketing, then learning email marketing would be a wise move for you. How to- start email marketing The first thing you need to start email marketing is a mailing list. For mail list you can buy mail of subscribers or collect mail of subscribers who are interested in your service for free. I am sharing another method to collect mail for free. From there you can collect thousands of marketing best practices
Now add the mail extractor extension to Google Chrome and unpin it and search for mail in the search box, then click on the mail extractor icon and collect the mail and save it in notepad. It does not end here You must check the validity of the collected mails, only then you can use them. You will find many mail validity checker websites online. From where you can check the validity of the collected mails. I hope you understand I hope you know the methods of collecting marketing guide
Now you can do email marketing by following the following steps 

Email marketing goals

 Email marketing strategy- First you need to decide what you want to do ie – Increase sales of your products. Inform people about your brand. Want to bring visitors to your website.targeted email marketing lists

Choose an email marketing provider

You cannot send thousands of mails from any email client at will. For this you need to take the help of,, these email marketing marketing consulting services

 Start list building

Be sure to keep the following points in mind at the beginning of list building and tell the recipient what benefits he will get from sending the mail. But don’t spam him. How often will you mail him? His mail is safe for you What discount will you give him etc.b2b mailing lists
 Choose how often to send the mail
 Be sure to select whether you want to send daily, weekly, monthly mails.

Email subject and template

It is important to give an attractive subject in the mail. Because it depends on whether the customer opens your mail or not.So you need to pick a good template and put some information there about your marketing design

Observation Observation is an important issue

So you have to see here the subject of mail, timing of sending, mail with image or without image and whether the mail is getting washed in inbox or going to spam etc.campaign monitor email benchmarks
Ultimately, to become an email marketer, you need to choose the right strategy and the right emails for you. And with that, attention should be paid to old customers as well as new marketing news
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