What is Data entry ? Data entry job for beginners.

Data entry

Data entry : Many people have heard the name data entry? But today we will try to know A-Z about data entry through this post. So stay with me.data entry clerk

What is Data Entry Job?

Data entry is basically any data typing or writing. More simply, it means typing the given information. It is a simple task for you. And by doing this thousands of people are earning easily from home. And you can be one of them. It is not limited to dreams but real.data entry images

All you need to do data entry work

You must be an expert in data entry work and have a computer/laptop/tab/smart phone. But computer/laptop is better. And you will need internet connection, but the internet connection should have a fair speed.(data entry specialist)

You can earn good amount of money doing data entry work if your typing speed is fast. So you need internet connection and your typing speed to be fast to earn good income doing data entry work

And one more thing is that there should be no mistakes while typing. Because you will not be given any reward for wrong typing. So while typing fast you must be careful not to make any mistakes.This is very common data entry analyst


Where to find data entry jobs?

There are many web sites where data entry jobs are available. There are some sites that charge a fee for registration.And there are some sites where registration is free.I would suggest that it is better not to register with fees at first. Data entry jobs are commonly found in freelance outsourcing marketplaces(fiverr data entry)

Sites where you can earn data entry jobs with free registration are –





amazon data entry jobs

Types of Data Entry Jobs.

Data entry jobs (on freelancing sites) are of many types, among them are-

  •  Uploading images and files to various websites.
  •  Writing articles on a specific topic for a website.
  •  Saving some specific information on various websites in an excel file.
  •  Go to different websites, groups and introduce any website.
  •  Exchanging links between websites.
  •  Helping to sell various products online etc
  •  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) correction of writing errors etc.


Let’s discuss in detail about freelancer site projects-


1. Providing local business information(data operator)

Here the buyer’s requirement is to find the information of various types of business establishments in a particular city in the UK, save it in an excel file and provide it to the buyer. For example – name of the organization, address, contract number etc.Bayer’s budget for this job is $50. data entry hourly rate


2. Collection of data from various websites

Here the buyer will give you some website information.And as a provider, your job will be to save certain data from the sites given to you in the form of other websites. You will be paid $120 for 200 data entries per hour (data entry for beginners )



3. Functions of Audio Transcription

Here Bayer will give you some pre-recorded audio files. And your task will be to listen to the audio and make a copy of the file in English. This job is only for those who are fluent in English. Bayer will pay you $20 per hour to transcribe audio files(data entry gig)

4. Document Conversion

Here the buyer will give you the document file in PDF format. And all you need to do is to copy those texts exactly in Microsoft Word.Get-A-Freelancer had 27 bids and the average price was $65.data entry job description

5. Classified Ad Listing

The task here is to add new ads to a classified ads site. That is, the information of various types of products on Amazon, Ebay etc. sites should be added to that site. And this information should be saved in an excel spreadsheet file(data input)

 Then your job is to email the seller of the product and tell them about the website. Buyer’s budget is $250 for data entry for 500 products.

Last word : Data entry job is very easy job.To do this job fast typing and your internet speed should be fast and also you should have good English skills. Thanks for visiting my post(legitimate data entry jobs home)

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