How to do online transaction step by step ?

online transaction


Online transaction step by step: In this modern age, everything seems to be in the hands of people, isn’t it? Online transactions are one of them. Now you can easily make any international payment or transaction through your smart phone.These smart methods are very popular nowadays. Because it is possible to transact through debit credit card or online banking without risk (hijacker) as an alternative to cash.

 However, there are some risks – such as hackers.The slightest negligence in saving your data can instantly empty your bank balance and credit card at this mountain equivalent loan burden. However I am trying to discuss these issues in detail. Are you with me.


Debit card

Debit cards such as Visa or Master are the two most common and popular.Many of us are familiar with freelancing. Now you can take it online or from the bank. Many people also call it ATM ( Automated teller maching) card. This card is usually valid for 5 years. On the front side of the card is the name of the card holder, 16 digit  debit visa card number and expiration date. And on the back side is the CVV (Card verification value) code that needs to be submitted for online transactions. And lastly, all you have to do is set a 4 digit PIN number. This secret number is used for cash withdrawals or any payment.


Debit Card Usage

Debit cards are widely used for online payment / transactions. It usually withdraws funds from the checking account. Simply put, it means that you can withdraw money or withdraw cash from your own funds through debit card. You can also make international payments. All you have to do is apply to the bank for a dual currency card.debit visa card balance

All the documents that may be required for the application are a copy of your valid passport.The special advantage of the debit card is the withdrawal from the nearest ATM booth in case of sudden financial crisis. And helps keep you free of extra expenses or loans (which is not possible with credit cards). Because you can’t raise or spend extra money from your fund.It is possible with a credit card vs debit card

Credit card

Among the credit cards, the American Express credit card is very popular.Credit cards are usually very convenient for employees, international traders or travel enthusiasts.This card is a bit like a debit card. However, I am trying to highlight some of the differences. credit card vs debit card

 Even if you do not have the funds, you can borrow or pay in cash.At Payment you can get rewards (points), which can be cashed in for any discount or travel facility.The credit card can also provide financial backup in case of emergency. And you can repay this loan within 45 days at 1% interest credit card interest calculator


Then let’s discuss some difficulties.It is better if you can control yourself than to spend extra. And if not, you can fall into the suffocating loan.And if you miss out on a monthly loan, you will have to pay a delay fee. And it will be easier to damage your credit rating.Even borrowing money in the future can be difficult for card emoji

Online Banking

At present the banking system is very advanced.There is also a touch of modernity.Nowadays, even without going to the bank, it is possible to make payment or lane payment at home through online banking. All you have to do is to avail this facility. You need to activate your phone number in your bank account and for OTP( One time password) code then you need to download and install bank apps,register online banking services.

Last sentence: Credit debit card payment system is very popular and convenient for online transactions. However, it is your responsibility to take precautions to protect the data from unwanted losses.

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