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Make money write an article: Many of us make money by article writing.There are many of us whose only profession is writing. And they are very good quality content writers. But they have to work for very little pay. And they can’t be satisfied with this little fee.

I wrote this post for that purpose or their purpose.In this post, I will discuss some of the sites where good quality content writers can get their fair share by writing. If you are a good quality content writer then this post can be very helpful for you.

This article will be very helpful for people who want to take it as a profession and get a fair profit.Let’s take a look at some websites where you can earn great money by writing high quality content.article writing guidelines

1. Top Tenz


You can apply at this link on this web site. Here you can write about many article writing topics like fiction, lifestyle, travel, entertainment and science. $50 per article. There are 18+ lakh active visitors and an average of 24+ lakh articles are published every month.


2. List Verse

You can apply at this site listverse.Com/write-get-paid. And here write about science, society, general knowledge, lifestyle, travel, entertainment, etc. $100 per article.


3. Us.blastingnews

This site  is very popular and has around 40 million monthly visitors. Top writers, journalists have established their own personal brand within this site’s magazine. One of the special earning benefits here is – the more people read your articles, the more money you get.

Also available to you is a welcome package of $5 per article (up to $25). Now your smart thing to do is to register here and create your income platform by choosing a topic and writing.

4. Riverb Press

You can apply on this site at this link / You can write here about news, politics, law, business, world, lifestyle, and entertainment, etc. Web sites pay a little differently, which means your income will depend on the first class of your writing.

Reverb Press is a lifestyle and news online magazine. It also has dedicated, talented and smart writers. This site is not like any other site.This is a magazine site. So here you have to give regular content.article writing newspaper

You can work here like a normal job. But for that you have to apply on this site. Once your application has been accepted, you can write about whatever you want. And besides writing, they can also give you other jobs according to their needs. Payment will be made here based on your writing style and reader participation.

5. The Daily  Heckle

You can follow this link on this site article writing topics to write here are sports, news, politics, TV, music, travel, etc.$30 per article

6. Funds for Writers

 Apply on this site writing essays is $50 per article writing services

 Above all, many of us write content on our blog to earn from Google AdSense. These web sites can be called an alternative method of earning. If you are a very good content writer. Then you can earn a very good amount by working on these web sites.Thanks for visiting my site.

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