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Online payment methods: Those of us who are involved in online transactions.They must be familiar with different types of online payment methods, aren’t they? Such as 👉 Skill, PayPal, Bitcoin,AirTM,Payeer,Payonner,Perfect Money etc.These wallets are usually within the scope of Verify. Suppose 
  • Phone number
  • Email ID
  • NID
  • Address at the end
There is no alternative to using these verified.In the new situation, many people can not verify these IDs properly. And so they repeatedly get rejected information in their mail, which is not desired. Again, many of them are scheduled (within 90 days), due to not completing the ID verification, their account is permanently closed with money.wallet verification .Many of them, let’s go to the field

How to open an account

First you need to select which account you want to open.Such as Skill, Neteller, Bitcoin, PayPal etc.After selecting the wallet, all you have to do. Go to any browser and search by typing the wallet of your choice or download apps from Google Play Store. Now type to register online payment methods,
  • Your first name / middle name / last name,
  •  Valid email/Phone  number
  • Password, Confirm Password (8 digits)
  •  Captcha Solving
  • Click Submit / Continue
Then check your mail / phone / confirm email / OTP code and complete your account like this.wallet verification

PIN number setting

Secret number or PIN number must be set. This is what you need when it comes to withdrawing money and sending money to someone. It is usually 4-6 digits.

Account settings

Account setting is very important because many people make mistakes here. Submitting your account address according to the address of your NID card for account setting may otherwise make it difficult to verify your payment methods,
Many people know their own address but even if they know the zip code / postal code, it is difficult to understand it. I will try to make it a little easier. You can collect your area code in two ways. For example, if you search in the address area of ​​your NID card and in your area Google search box, you will get your code. 

Account Verification

Your wallet ID must be verified. The verification process is usually done in 4 ways.

Phone number

This can be done very easily. From your Account Settings go to Phone Verification> Country Code> Phone Number> Captcha Solving> Send> Check Phone In Box> Set OTP Code> Submit / Verify. In this process verify the phone number.wallet verification

Email Verification

After submitting your account registration, check your Gmail. And by clicking on the mail they send, you can easily verify your email.

Id Verify

If you want you can verify your ID by submitting your NID, valid passport, valid work permit, valid driving license etc. You will get two options. That means the phone uses the camera directly, (first the front and then the back side). Or by scanning or taking a photo and submitting it as a file.wallet verification

Address Verify

This is the last method. This step is a little difficult. You can submit bank statement, credit card statement, paid income tax statement, paid electricity bill statement etc. Documents submitted by many are rejected. There are several reasons for this. Let’s find out .verify wallet address
  • If your document is not clear
  • If the document does not have stamp and signature
  • If the document is more than three months
  • If the address of your submitted document is not the same as the address of NID card. online payment terms and conditions sample
Needless to say: The benefits of online payment are as high as the risk. Such hacker issue! Your account data should be kept safe to avoid these issues. Hope you understand. Thanks for staying with me for so long.
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