How to start blogging? Blogging ideas for beginners

Blogging ideas
Start blogging: Blogging is a popular way to make money online.You can also take it as a full time or part -time blogging jobs.But the decision is up to you. If you want, you can create an income platform by writing.You can even take it as your only occupation.
It is sad but true that for many it is not possible to create a good income platform for blogging. The reason is the lack of proper guidelines. That is why I am writing this article. This article can be helpful for those who want to make money online by creating a great platform for blogging. Let’s start with the first step

Select a blog topic

It is very important to choose a topic before starting blogging. Most bloggers, especially newbies, can’t create a great platform here. Because they make mistakes in choosing the subject of the blog. So choose a topic before you start blogging. Then you will see how easy it is to create a blogging platform for you.blogging name ideas
Suppose you are associated with a fitness business enterprise. But you have chosen a blog job and education or other subject. Will it be possible for you to write good quality content now? I think you should choose the subject that you are involved in or have knowledge of. And it is up to you to decide what is possible for you and what is not. I hope I understand you.blogging ideas
And if you make a mistake in choosing the subject. Then it may be difficult for you to write good quality content. In that case, you may have to copy someone else’s content, which is not acceptable to Google. You may even have a copyright issue because of the content copying. If necessary, you can choose one of the following topics for a blog –
  • Money and online income
  • Food and drink
  • Real property
  • Fitness
  • Commercial enterprise and business
  • Pets and animals
  • Work and training
  • Beautiful and fitness
  • Hobby and leisure
After choosing a topic, you can take blogging as a professional or part-time job. But it depends on you. If you want to become a professional blogger, you need to buy custom domains and hosting for your blog, such as top label dot com or dot net.blogging guide
You can buy these online without any problem. You can buy domain and hosting for monthly or yearly. But I would suggest to buy for one year then your money will be saved. There are several websites that sell domains and hosting.such as

How to write a blog?

The direction of blog writing is very important. There is no substitute for writing a blog according to the policy to create a good platform for blogs. (Write an article in at least 600+ words) about the subject you are good at. If you want to get Google AdSense approval, you have to post and publish 30/35 articles. Then apply for Google AdSense. Within 14 days after applying from Google AdSense.You will be notified by mail.blogging google adsense   

How to use post related images in blog?

Articles related to pictures should be used on the web site. However, keep in mind that no copyrighted or screenshot images can be used. It is better to post your own pictures. However, any image can be used by editing. If you need photo editing you can take the help of this site.Such as
Finally, it is possible to create a very good platform for you in blogging. I think my writing will be helpful even if a little. You can use your talent, time and effort to earn good money online from blogging.blogging earning
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