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photo sell business

Earn money by selling pictures: In this modern age, photography is not only a hobby but also an income.Many of us today don’t know that it is possible to make money by taking photos and selling these.If you are a good photographer.Then this post may be helpful for you.Making money on the net using your photography hobby is not a difficult task.You can even take it as a profession.my photos sell homes

The interesting pictures you take are in many ways.For example, you can sell directly online, upload to any site for free (you can get money if you sell your uploaded photos), or even earn money through Google AdSense by publishing your site.Let’s take a look at how to earn money by -photo sell

Now you can think of where and how to sell mobile photos ? Many designers are looking for photos online for their projects. You can sell your photos to them. Again, many people buy photos as a hobby. However, the quality of your image must be good. And if not, the question of buying your photo with money remains.

Make money selling photos directly

Many designers search for images related to their project online.So you can earn money by selling your pictures to them. The fact is that your picture must be worth buying.You can earn as much as the quality of your pictures.Make your picture in such a way that buyers are interested in buying your picture.selling for commercial use

Earn money by uploading pictures and selling

There are several web sites for selling your pictures online. You can upload your pictures to their gallery. And if they sell it, they will pay you.(sell photos istock) Such as –

        1. https://www.istockphoto.com/

        2. https://www.fotolia.com/p/229371

        3. http://websites.milonic.com/

        4. https://www.gettyimages.com/

Make Money Without Selling photos

Again, you can post and publish your photos on your web site. And with the approval of Google AdSense, it is possible to earn a lot of good money. You do not need to sell your photos here. From here, your income will depend on the visitors of your site.The more visitors come to your site, the more your income can be.

How to make good quality photos?

There is no substitute for making good quality pictures to make money from pictures.This will require –


  •  High quality camera
  •  Knowledge of photography
  •  Interest in taking pictures
  •  Must have good skills in photo editing

For photo editing you can take the help of – adobe.comcanva.com  web site.You can use these web sites for free for one month.Then you have to pay for using these sites.


Earn as a Freelance Photographer

Freelance photographers are one of the sources of income.As a freelance photographer, special income is waiting for you on the freelance site.Freelance sites like fiverr.comupwork.com etc.selling for commercial use


Again, you can earn money by hosting your photos on different hosting sites.such as- shutterstock.com

 imageportal.com is another site to earn money by taking pictures. Where you can get your uploaded image for visit. For example, 2.80$ for 1000 visits.

If you register on this site you will get referral link and share it on social site then if any of your referrals register on this site then you can get 10% of their income. And you can upload your photos to Photobucket for free. And you also have the opportunity to win prizes by participating in photography competitions.                my photos sell homes

In the end: a photographer can earn money in different ways. There are many ways beyond what I know I have shared in this post. However, I am hopeful that this post will be helpful for photographers, albeit a little.

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