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online survey
Survey : It is good to know about the survey before answering the survey, what is the survey? online survey data collection .Surveys are about sharing your opinion about a product. Surveys can usually be answered in two ways.

Offline  Survey

Online Survey

But today I will try to discuss the online survey. You can earn maximum money by sharing your opinion about any product online.
After learning about the survey, let’s answer the survey, how you will earn a lot of money. The first thing you need to do is set your profile.Your profile must be a professional profile. Another highlight is your country. For example, the demand in Europe is higher than in survey benefits

Profile settings

Before taking part in the survey, set your profile in a professional way.Such as with your personal real information.And update your profile every two months. Because if clients don’t like your profile or don’t think you are suitable for the survey, it may be difficult to get a job in the survey or make a good survey logo

Survey sites

You will find many survey sites online (online survey google). However, here are some survey websites that offer regular rewards. And I’ve been familiar with these web sites for a long time.Let’s take a look at the survey sites.Swagbucks
  •     Swagbucks.
  •     Survey time.
  •     Your time
  •     Revenue wall
  •     Reaching the theorem
  •     Peanut Lab
  •     Opinion capital
  •     Bit Lab
  •     AdSense Media
  •     Pea Rediscovery – Your Survey Lambo Router
  •     Gene Survey – Medium Survey
  •     RAAS
  •     Uno Survey Router

Answering the survey

When you take an entry on a survey site. Then you will see that the survey time and the amount of rewards. online survey examples 10m:0.25$. You can get reward for answering by participating in the survey for 10 minutes =0.25$. I earned a maximum of $5 by answering a survey.
When you take part in a survey and answer, study the questions carefully and provide the correct answer. Never give fake answers. If you give a false answer. Then the client may be forced to reject you from the survey. And Nextime may not offer you to take part in the survey. Even your ID may be band 


By answering the survey you can take payment in two ways
1. Directly respond to the survey by registering on the survey site. Such as -swagbucks,, etc.
2. If you take part in the survey by clicking on the survey tap on any PTC site, that is, on any PTC site, then your reward will be credited to your account on that PTC site.
 Usually 2-10 dollars is credited to your account and you can take payment through different payment methods. Such as- Skill, Neteller, PayPal, Bitcoin,Debit / Credit Card, Bank etc.
Final phrase: It is true that you can make a great income by answering the survey, but it is very difficult to get a job in the survey. But if you follow these rules, I hope you can get a lot of offers to take part in the survey and increase your survey hosting                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
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